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And So

  • And So

    Tina Brown Baby
    Na me be the Cutest Emcee - Qweku Ximple

    Verse 1 (Tina Brown)
    Yo! I'm a Queen in ma zone
    Spit on the beat, murder the microphone
    Go fi give you hardcore but I keep it on a low
    Tina gang got me back to the bone
    One-two-mic check, this be the street anthem
    Sɛ wo try me a wobɛda ntɛm
    On your mark get set, tellem say we badder than them, no matter what Dem do we stand firm
    Middle finger to the Haters
    Tellem we the latest
    Ma actions speak so I talk less
    Middle finger to the Haters

    Wose woyɛ guy kyɛn me
    And So ?
    Woyɛ fine kyɛn me
    And So ?
    Wo boy no wɔ dow kyɛn me boy na facebook kraaa wowɔ likes kyɛn me
    And So ? (2x)

    Yo! Yo! And So ?
    Wo tear rubber hit no ɛyɛ pasco
    You dey funny me sef Bob Santo
    This no be diss oo ebe fact o
    Me ano dey see nobody
    Get on the dance floor gyal shake body
    Dem shocked starring at me like a zombi
    Give it to the them show them I got it
    Powerful flow ano dey slow when I'm killing it
    Killing the show and adey glow ano you feeling it
    Yabrɛ ne mo comedy, Tina Brown is in the building

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